Join our global music collaboration and help a good cause

Are your students making music?  Dear Teachers and Students,

Throughout 2023, Genelec – the global leader in professional audio monitoring – is running Harmony Tracks, an inspiring music collaboration that unites music makers worldwide in a bid to explore global music culture and help established charity, Music Fund, to deliver musical instruments to those most in need.

To help make this a transformative experience for everyone involved – including those at your school – we’re hoping that you could assist us in spreading the word about Harmony Tracks.

Those who join in by creating a short piece of music – and following our guidelines for submission – will enter our prize draw for a pair of Genelec 8330A Smart Active Monitors; a prize that could drastically improve a lucky student’s learning trajectory.

To get started, simply download our flyer, which can be printed and posted to your bulletin boards. In addition it can be shared electronically as you wish! The flyer directs viewers to our website, which you can also visit directly for more details about Harmony Tracks:
Download PDF poster  ›
We thank you kindly for your help, please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries! Email:

Best Regards,

The Genelec Marketing Team


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