Arad International Masterclasses – 6-19/8

Arad International Masterclasses is organised in partnership with London Master Classes, a well known teaching event nurturing talents for over 30 years. Arad is a thriving cultural city in Romania with a well known philharmonic concert hall where we aim offer the students the possibility to showcase their talent. The Arad International Masterclass will be held in Arad, Romania, from 6th to 19th of August. 

Students who will pass the audition will have the opportunity to work with names such as Andrei Gavrilov, Norma Fisher, Gyorgy Pauk, David Waterman, Nelly Miricioiu, Benjamin Zander and perform in concert. For active participants, we also offer accommodation, breakfast, transfers from/to the airport and assistance throughout the stay. A scholarship is also available for some courses.

All the information is available on our website, from which it will be possible to download all the necessary documents, including the brochure which you will find attached.

To apply, just fill in (in all its parts, including attachments) and send the application form at the bottom of our web page.


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