International Junior Jazz Meeting 2023 – registration deadline 30.04.2023

International Junior Jazz Meeting

The annual ”International Junior Jazz Meeting” will be taking place for the 19th time. This event is part of the 31. Langnau Jazz Nights in the Emmental (Switzerland) which take place from July 25 until 27 2023. It features young talented musicians from different countries which have the opportunity to perform on an open air stage.

Applicants should be no more than 25 years old and the music performed should have to do with jazz in some sort of way.

The festival offers accommodation and food as well as free tickets to all connected concerts. After performing, the concert will be discussed in a feedback workshop with a teacher of the Jazz Workshop, another element of the Langnau Jazz Nights. There are possibilities to rehearse and have jam sessions. Applicants from abroad get a contribution to travel expenses.

The Junior Jazz Meeting is an opportunity for young aspiring artists to meet fellow musicians as well as internationally acclaimed stars in a great musical gathering.

More detailed information and application forms can be found on our website.

Langnau Jazz Nights


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