CIMA Application deadline postponed to April 15th

We noticed that ensembles need a bit more time to send in their files and recordings, so we have decided to postpone the application deadline to April 15th .💬

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to reach us at

Apply now !
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  France Musique, national French radio, partner of the competition

France Musique is a French national radio belonging to the Radio France group, dedicated to classical music.The competition on France Musique websiteSince 2019 France Musique is a partner of the international early music competition in Loire Valley. 
Since 2021 Corinne Schneider, musicologist and producer at France Musique is part of the jury of the international early music competition in Loire Valley. Corinne Schneider presents her own programme every Sunday morning on France Musique,  le Bach du dimanche

The winning ensemble will be invited in Clément Rochefort’s programme Générations France Musique, le Live le 10 juin 2023 

listen to Cohaere, last edition winners, in Generation France Musique le live 

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