42nd Int. Violin Competition LIPIZER PRIZE 8-17 Sept.’23

Dear Madam – Miss / Sir,

Important news on the 42nd International Violin Competition ” RODOLFO LIPIZER PRIZE”, 8-17 September 2023, https://www.lipizer.itnew site in all languages.

PRIZES: prizes and special prizes distributed in the three rounds, as per regulations.

FREE HALF-BOARD ACCOMMODATION: all competitors will be granted free half-board accommodation in student boarding schools from 7 September, during official participation. Companions for a fee will be accommodated.

JURY: it is made up of an Italian composer and by four illustrious violinists of international level, https://www.lipizer.it/ , with neutrality guaranteed by the Organizing Committee.

MAXIMUM AGE: violinists of any nationality born after 17 September 1990 (31 years old) can participate.

RULES FOR ADMISSION: considering the difficulties of sending by post, all documents can be forwarded by e-mail lipizer@lipizer.it  

REGISTRATION FORM: to be sent to the Competition Secretariat, or through the institutional website, BEFORE 30 APRIL 2023.


12 Studi-Capricci op. 25 di C. SIVORI, guarda l’estratto12 Studios-Caprices, op. 25 by C. SIVORI, look insidehttps://www.lipizer.it/wp-content/uploads/images/pdf/sivori12capricci-1pg.pdf

PS.: listen to violinists of the 41st International Violin Competition ”Rodolfo Lipizer Prize” 2022 in YouTube LIPIZER2022



Via don Giovanni Bosco 91


Tel. 0039-0481 – 547863 – 536710 – Cell. 0039-347-9236285

https;//www.lipizer.it – lipizer@lipizer.itlipizer@pec.lipizer.it – Skype: lipizer (or) lorenzo.qualli


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