Call for Jazz Students for 7 Virtual Jazz Club’s International Contest!

Call for Jazz Students!
We have started to promote our 9th edition of 7 Virtual Jazz Club’s International Contest and we’d like to propose our initiative to the students of the jazz department. 

Special discount for schools
Jazz Teachers can make a list of 5 contestants minimum (soloists or bands) who will get a discount of 60% on the entry fee. Please, for information write an email to 

Throughout the years we had winners such as Gilad HekselmanSimon Moullier, Nicole JohanntgenDavid HelbockDaniel ZamirAriel Bart, Alex Hitchcock, Sandia band and more.  

We also launched the careers of talents such as Tommaso Perazzo, Misha-Mullov Abbado, Shekband, Nausyqa, The Jazz FingersCarlos CippellettiBliss Quintet, Daniel Dyonisius, Ella Zirina, Sasha Berliner, Tuva Halse and more. 

It is a worldwide jazz music competition open to all the musicians, all ages, all countries. 

Deadline for Applications June 30th, 2023. 

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