University of Tartu Summer School

  University of Tartu Summer School   The University of Tartu organises a summer university that offers a wide range of high-quality multidisciplinary, international programmes for graduate and doctoral students as well as educators and young researchers. In addition to lectures, seminars and cultural programme we collaborate with business enterprises and governmental institutions to offer study visits that integrate academic approaches and practices.   

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  Summer Courses in 2023 Two first weeks of August 2023  
Multilingualism and Beyond in European Context  
Technology and Society  
Juri Lotman: a Basic Introduction and Contemporary Applications  
Digital Product Management  
Semiotics, Pop-Culture, Animals and the Environment  
Practical Training in Design Thinking  
Contemporary Diagnostic Techniques and Procedures  
The Politics of Popular Culture  
MegaData: Federated Machine Learning    
Estonian Language courses  
Agile Government in the Digital Era    
  Application deadline for above is April 30 (June 1 for the Estonian language courses) Apply now    
  Social progamme  
    The cultural programme offers a range of fun and engaging cultural activities and the opportunity to interact and network with other participants in a lively environment. Students will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of day trips and events offered through the programmes and your experience in Tartu.  
  In collaboration with DAAD, ENLIGHT network and the University of Toronto, we offer altogether 35 scholarships. Apart from that there is a possibility to apply for Estonian National Scholarships and UT partial tuition fee scholarships. Learn more on our scholarship website.    
    International Summer University of the University of Tartu  Phone: +372 7376115 E-mail:      


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