Chamber Music Competition-”KraCamera 2023”-Kraków-Poland

We cordially invite You to participate in the 3rd International Chamber Music Competition – ”KraCamera 2023 ”, which will be held on May 12-16, 2023 in Krakow.

This year’s edition will be online.

 The Competition is intended for children and young people from primary and secondary music schools, students of Music Academies and musicians up to 30 years of age.

 The competition is also open to children and young people from all over the World – educating themselves in public music schools,Music Academies, private and private institutions.

The Competition is open to instrumentally homogeneous ensembles and ensembles with a diverse instrumental composition, from a duo to an octet, performing classical music, as well as larger instrumental ensembles of 9 to 20 people.

Participants’ presentations will be judged by a Jury appointed by the Competition Organizer, consisting of lecturers from Music Academies, outstanding teachers of Music Schools and renowned artists.

 Deadline for applications: May 6, 2023 !!!

The interactive application form, Regulations, as well as all information about the Competition can be found on the Competition Organizer’s website and on Facebook:

 We cordially invite You to participate!


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