Öppen scen på balettakademien

”Hello from Balettakademien,

We are hosting an Öppen Scen on the 3rd of March at the Scen Studio Fyra and we are inviting students from your professional education to come perform also. Öppen Scen, or Open Stage, is open for any style of dance, circus or musical performance and we would be very happy to have performances there from many schools! This is also a chance to come perform a project that might not be completely done yet, but that will benefit from trying it out on stage.
Here is the important info about the performance:
– showtime is 3rd of March at 18.30 o’clock
– max 10 minute performances
– deadline for joining is Sunday 26th of February
– the rehearsals for spacing/places are on week 9
– lighting rehearsals on Thursday the 2nd of March
Anyone who wants to come perform should send an email to iina.e.karjalainen@gmail.com with information about their piece: choreographer’s and dancers’ names, the duration of the piece and a short description of the style of the performance.
Hope to hear from you!
Best regards,
Iina Karjalainen
Rasmus Kalén”


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