International Singers’ Academy

The International Saxon Singers’ Academy will take place in Torgau for the 10th time this year from 15-23 July 2023.

Since the academy’s inception, many singers from all over the world have taken part in the various courses every year.

In addition to the daily singing lessons with one of the guest professors, the participants receive lessons in the subjects; correpetition, German diction, self-management, interpretation course German Lied and an oratorio course.

In addition to the lessons, there are daily concerts at 12 noon in the castle courtyard and in the evening in churches and concert venues in the city of Torgau, where the participants perform in front of an audience.

This year there is also a masterclass with the world-famous singer; Edda Moser.

Various promotional prizes will be awarded at the end of the academy.

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