Muse 2023 accepting applications

Muse 2023: accepting applications 

Muse 2023  Muse 2023 International Music Competition has already started! It is open to performers of classical music of any age and nationality. Chamber music and baroque ensembles, singers of works for musical theatre, as well as performers on traditional instruments are also welcome. 

The overall winner will receive €1200. The second and third highest placed participants will receive €500 and €300 respectively. In addition, 20 first prize winners will have a chance to play at the Megaron Athens Concert Hall in September. More awards may be added later.

Applicants are required to submit good quality videos of their preferred repertoire. Though the competition program is free to choose, its required duration is based on the age of an applicant and his or her age category. Click on the link to find out all about the details of the competition.
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Our mailing address is:International Association of Art ”The Muse”Pellis 15Athens 15234 Greece


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