Masterclass at Helsingborg Piano Festival 2023

Apply to masterclass at Helsingborg Piano Festival 2023

Welcome to apply to piano masterclass at Helsingborg pianofestival. With a tradition back to 2014 we invite 6 young pianists to participate at our masterclasses and play at our very popular lunch concert series. 

New for this year is that we will have a collaboration with Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra (HSO) and the festival team will choose three pianists to be part of a masterclass on Thursday August 24 with Julia Mustonen-Dahlkvist and HSO. Next day, August 25, the concerto movements will be performed with the orchestra at a lunch concert in Helsingborgs Concert Hall. 

The professors this year will be Julia Mustonen-Dahlkvist (August 24), Diana Ketler (August 26) and Nicolas Bringuier (August 27). The participants will also get access to all the activities during the festival.  

Application requirements:
Personal information (Name, Address, date of birth, nationality)
A short CV and relevant links, i.e website etc.
Artist photo for the website and concert programs (high resolution)
Link to a YouTube recording*

*Please submit a link to a YouTube recording of one movement from a piano concerto movement (the one you will use for the masterclass and concert). The recording should be max 15 minutes and it should be with orchestra or second piano. Because of the size of the orchestra the repertoire must be concertos by i.e. Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Schumann or Grieg. The festival and the orchestra team will choose three students for the masterclass with the orchestra.  

Piano time with each professor.

All chosen participants will get three lessons at 45 minutes each with each professor. However regarding masterclasses with Julia MD, three students will get one hour masterclass with her and HSO and the other three will have regular masterclass with solo program.

Everyone will also play a 25 minutes lunch concert solo program by own choice or in a lunch concert with orchestra if you are selected. During the masterclass with HSO there will also be a parallel masterclass with 3 conductor students instructed by Maestro Giordano Bellincampi. Please pay attention that this application only concerns the pianists.   HBG Piano Festival

Welcome with your application

Please send the application to  before Friday March 17, 2023.  

Important information Helsingborg Piano Festival and HSO are giving you full tuition scholar ship but there is added an administration fee, 200 Euro, which must be paid before the start of the masterclass. The participants are responsible for travel, meals and accommodation. Application is free.
  DUNKERSKULTURHUS                                | Kungsgatan 11, Helsingborg


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