Vadstena-Akademien: Apply for scholarship 2021

  Applications for scholarships at Vadstena-Akademien for the summer of 2021 are now open. We offer several different scholarships. They are listed on our homepage along with how to apply. You can also get more information by sending us an e-mail to: 
For any further questions please use this e-mail address.​

In summer 2021 we are planning to produce ”Zebran” by Tebogo Monnakgotla and Kerstin Perski and ”Il colore fa la regina” by Carlo Francesco Pollarolo (1653-1723)  and Matteo Noris (1640-1714) ​
Last day to apply: 7 March​  

About us
Vadstena-Akademien may be one of Sweden’s smallest opera houses, but when it comes to replenishing the opera repertory we are the country’s greatest institution. So far Vadstena-Akademien has commissioned and staged 35 new operas and nearly 50 undeservedly lost operas dug out of antique manuscripts. We give both the participants and the audience the chance to encounter operas that are not part of the mainstream repertoire. ​

Vadstena-Akademien provides an established road to professional life for young singers, musicians and for practioners of other crafts involved in the world of opera such as lighting, wardrobe and stagecraft. Since the opening in 1964, many of Sweden’s professional opera singers such as Anne Sofie von Otter, Nina Stemme and Malena Ernman have all performed at Vadstena Castle or the Old Theatre.​ ​


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