String players for collaboration – ICstrings – Music connects Europe

”My name is Caroline Busser and I am currently working as the Solo Cellist in Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern Orchestra and have the duo “ICstrings” with violinist Ivan Knezevic, who is concertmaster in Essen, first violonist in Evenos String Quartet and teaching chamber music in the university of Belgrade.

Starting July 2017, we will be touring throughout all of Europe to promote our “ICstrings – Music connects Europe” initiative. We have lined up numerous concert bookings in various countries and our plan is to film a video within each country, showcasing cultural heritage both visually and musically.

In order to promote the idea of music connecting Europe, we have prepared a concert program for both Duo and Quartet and we would like to ask you, if two of your students (violin and viola) would be interested in working with us, ideally in a concert at your University. We are also willing to teach some master classes for chamber music, cello and violin.

Our current plans place us in Stockholm at beginning/mid of August.

If you’re interested in working with us, you can find more information and references under, as well as for a recent recording.

Thank you and best regards,
Caroline Busser


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