Leonardo 4 Music 2023 Awards for young music composers

We are pleased to announce that the ”Leonardo 4 Music 2023 Awards” for young composers aged 16-30 are now open until 31 May 2023, in partnership with the Foundation Yehudi Menuhin. Music composers aged 16-30 and enrolled or graduated from a Conservatory or Music school, resident in the EU, can take part in the Awards by creating an original music composition inspired on Climate, Equality or Peace.

The Awards are part of the non-profit initiative Leonardo 4 Children, which has the objective to develop the artistic and scientific skills of children and teenagers, and help them become responsible adults by addressing global issues such as climate, equality and peace.

The winner nr 1 will be offered the opportunity to use her/his music for a promotional campaign by UNICEF and the winner nr 2 for the promotional video of Leonardo 4 Children initiative.
The first 3 winners will receive a talent development budget of € 500 (winner nr 1) / € 300 (winner nr 2 and 3) each to develop their music talent, including a special prize offered in memory of Italian musician “Ermanni Testi”.
Their music will be performed at future Leonardo 4 Children concerts and the award ceremony in prestigious locations such as BOZAR Brussels.

The winners will be selected by end of June 2023 by the Jury, whose members are: Anastasiya Petryshak, Carmine Padula, Stefano Cucci, Erika Zoi, Ayumi Nabata, Gisella Cosi.


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