Private lessons for bagpipe available

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Dear musicians, 

This year I started the Nordic Master in Folk Music. The first semester of this adventure will be in Stockholm. That’s why I can offer you some lessons for bagpipe and/or about Belgian folk music. 

Last year I graduated at the LUCA School of Arts in Belgium as a master in the bagpipes. I studied on two different bagpipes: the Flemish/French bagpipe and the French baroque bagpipe. My main repertoire during my study was medieval, renaissance, French baroque and different kinds of folk music. Besides my study I was and still am very active in the Belgian folk scene as a musician, teacher and organizer of folk events. I know a lot of different tunes, songs and dances from this tradition, I also can tell you something about the historic background.  

The lessons I’m offering can be very varied and adaptable to the wishes of the student. For example I can learn you playing the instrument, playing different styles on the instrument, teach you different tunes (by ear or score) from the Belgian folk tradition or medieval, renaissance, French baroque music, teach you some Belgian folk dances or songs,…

I will ask 400 kronor/hour.

Please tell me if you have questions or wishes!

Kind regards,


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